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What is Blaze Hockey?

We offer youth leagues, a summer high school league, adult pick up hockey, development camps, private lessons, and soon your AAA program will be taking off.

Through our youth leagues and development camps you can be assured that not only will you be focusing on skill development, you will be playing and learning in a non-pressured, FUN driven atmosphere. BLAZE Hockey is TRULY committed to skill development of hockey players in a positive atmosphere, with fun being our main objective. BLAZE Hockey realizes that athletes are not born elite level players. To become an elite level player you must develop a passion for the sport. In order to be passionate about something you need to have a drive to be the best you can at something. To obtain that drive you need to have the will to excel at that thing. The only way you will enjoy a sport and focus on excelling your skills is to have your skills developed in a fun, enjoyable atmosphere. More simply put, over the course of time: Fun = Passion. And once someone is passionate about something they will be hooked for life.


Blaze Hockey LLC  in Weston, WI